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The Ouarzazate site, with a surface of about 33 square kilometers, i.e.  3,300 hectares, is located at 7 kilometers (4.38 miles) to the North-East of Ouarzazate, on road P32. A trail created at the North National Road P32 leads directly to the site (4 kilometers/ 2.5 miles).

This site is located close to the Mansour Eddahbi  dam (4 kilometers / 2.5 miles) whose storage capacity is 439 hm3.  The water resources of this dam give this site an advantage in terms of output, thereby allowing for the optimization of the cycle cooling circuit through the adoption of a mixed humid way – dry way solution.

As far as the connection to the grid is concerned, energy produced by the power plant may be channeled to the 225/60 KV post of Ouarzazate which is close to the power plant.


30 march 2010     Starting the call for expressions of interest for Ouarzazate
24 may 2010     DeadLine of CFEOI