Missions & Values


Masen’s missions are divided into three areas:


The integrated development of renewable energy installations at the highest international standards


A contribution to the emergence of a national expertise in the field of renewable energy


The support of the local areas Masen operates in, following a sustainable model involving economic, human and environmental criteria.


Masen’s missions are designed to be applied on a continental and international scale. Now an established player in the renewable energy sector, both regionally and globally, Masen aims to share all of its best-practices in order to boost the integrated development of renewable energy in countries that have these natural resources and have not yet or not sufficiently harnessed them.

Masen values

Masen is fostering a renewable energy culture by applying four key values to its missions.

Masen builds specific projects that are adapted to the Moroccan environment. Masen combines creativity with the ability to listen, be receptive to different models, and take advantage of their strong points and benefits.

Masen is an energy catalyst: Masen connects stakeholders and creates synergies between them at local or international levels.

Optimizing iterative processes, from site assessment to project execution and maintenance, enables Masen to make progress through action.

Finally, Masen’s operational efficiency, expertise and subsequent reliability enables the company to keep its promises.


It is both a great honour for Masen and an everyday challenge to be the central player for renewable energy in Morocco. With our unique model, we must be present at every stage of development of renewables projects, from site assessment to maintenance, design, funding, construction and operation of large-scale projects. R&D and development of a competitive national renewables industry are also at the heart of our prerogatives.


President of Masen

At Masen, we’re always listening. Listening to a world that’s teeming with innovation, listening to the Moroccan and African environments around us and their challenges, and also listening to each other. At Masen, we have open minds, and that’s how we carry out our missions.

Obaid Amrane

Member of the management board